December 2021

by Golden Q
"Coldhouse" isn't our name, so let's just keep hopping naked in the ditch and the nettles will help our blood flow.

« I think I would probably die without my eyeliner, but besides that I'm pretty basic. »
– Avril Lavigne

July 2021

by Golden Q
Music from the line-up of festival de la Cour Denis, in Lormes, from July 30 to August 1.

Artwork: Kyle Day

June 2021

by Golden Q
Musiques urbaines à teneur en femmes actuelles de 100 %

« Loin de la vie de merde de ma mère
Pleurant sous les rappels du système
Entre le shit, les guns et les flics
J'ai préféré le titre, le sun et les chiffres. »
– Diam’s

May 2021

by Golden Q
Wrinkles appearing, but as long as we love each other, who cares ? Just promise me to be still alive. Nothingness doesn't bother me if you’re not in it.

« Immortelle, immortelle
J'ai déchiré un bout de ciel
Il n'abritait plus l'Éternel. »
– Lara Fabian
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April 2021

by Golden Q
We hear about love all the time, especially in music. But where is it exactly? In California? In Leipzig? At Cours Denis? Can we order it on Amazon, or find some on Leboncoin? Here is a playlist that will not answer those questions.

"I can't love and I can't hate, I can't even hesitate."
– Poly Styrene
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MARCH 2021

by Golden Q
This is a mix with Odd House people but also not from Odd House people. People who are not from Odd House are on this Odd House mix because they are not so bad, like Odd House people. You can hear music and sometimes people talking.

"The computer talking about Odd House philosophy made me quit my job."
– Parker R.
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